Does he still like me? Could we try this again?

I met him 8 months ago we were just acquaintances. A month later he asked me out, we went out and hungout a few times, everything was going really great and we had lots of fun! He was very persistent and initiated everything. But then went away for three weeks for work, then he was gone for the next two for vacation, then I went on vaction for two weeks after and had my phone stolen. So basically didn't see him for a month and a half. We talked a little bit here and there. So basically things just stopped... After that every time he'd see me he would always be near me, flirty and only talking to me, trying to kiss me. I didn't pay him much attention and wouldn't let him kiss me..

The last time I saw him was 2 months ago. He was all over me and trying to kiss me, I gave in. He was all sweet and messaging me the next day, but once again I was leaving for a week for work. Since then I haven't seen him. We talked a few times. I invited him to a get together last minute, He told me he was feeling sick and couldnt make it. So he messaged me asking to to do something with him the next day. But we didn't end up doing anything. A month later, He was going home for a month, and I was going to be in his city so I mesaged him. He was all excited, But turned out we were just missing eachother, I was going to be leaving when he was getting there. I messaged him asking what I should do in the city and he never replied.. I messaged him two weeks later saying hey and he replied right away... then I replied to him after a week since I was on vacation and he hasn't replied since..

I definitely felt a connection.. but then we didn't see eachother for so long. I got kind of scared and started pushing him away (didnt mean too). I find myself still thinking about him.. I would love to give it another shot. Actually get to know him and spent time with him. When were together we had lots of fun and great deep conversations. I just dont know where to go from here, its just a mess really.


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