Should I tell him that I like him too?

So my crush's friend told me that my crush likes me, and my crush said he didn't, but his face was really red. Then after, when he accidentally threw his pencil at me and was retrieving it back, he stumbled on his words when he was trying to apologize. I always see him staring at me, and whenever he's talking to his friends and I'm around, he just stops talking in the middle of a sentence and his face turns red. At first, I thought he was scared of me, but I'm starting to think he's crushing on me. So should I tell him that I like him too? Does it sound like he likes me? Or should I just keep to myself? I really want a boyfriend, and I think this might beat chance. I've never had a boyfriend before, but there have been some guys who have told me that they like me, but I turned them down.
We live next to each other, but we don't talk much


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  • This life is short, do it


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