My Fiance and I have been engaged for 2 months, but I just found out that he's searching for his ex-girlfriend on social media?

Just a little background on our relationship -- My fiance and I dated for approximately 4 years before getting engaged. We both were in relationships but we started dating.
We were on his Instagram yesterday looking at different pages and he happened to go to his recent searches, which is where i saw that he recently viewed his ex-girlfriends page. He and his Ex aren't even friends on social media, which is what makes me feel a little worse. His response when i asked him why he was searching for his Ex on social media was "i just wanted to go on her page." He didn't think it was a big deal, but after seeing how i felt he made the following comment, "it's not like I'm communicating with her via social media -- i just went on her page". And then i asked him how he would feel if i was searching for my Ex on social media and he basically said that it wouldn't bother him unless we were communicating with each other, but i doubt he really feels that way. I know him and if he saw that i was searching for my ex on social media then he would definitely be a little upset. Even after explaining how i feel, he still doesn't see anything wrong with his actions and basically doesn't care about how i feel regarding this.

Am I right to feel the way that I feel?


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  • He is not sure if he wants her back or not.. but wants to move ahead with u.. so.. u need to hv trusted upon him to make sure ur relationship has a meaning.. pls dont jump into conclusion just on the basis of stupid social networking sites.. they always are a source of even divorces in the world !!

  • l don't see that he's done anything wrong. You haven't really explained here why you think it's so wrong. You seem to be reading the worst into him. Why?

  • does he have ur complete attention when u speak to him.. if yes then no need to worry..

    he may be wanting to know that is his ex doing good or bad.. just human jealous tendency..


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