I want to ask this guy out, I don't know how?

I want to ask this guy out, but I am really nervous. I have talked to him once 3 months ago but I don't know if he is interested or not. Do guys like it when a girl asks them out?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Guys like fast girls ask him he'll definitely say yes.

    • How do you know he will say yes?

    • Just because a girl asks a guy out it doesn't mean she is any of the names you just called girls. SMH

    • Because men like the girls who are straight forward it is kind of turn on for us... he might get shocked for a while but you must have that confidence in urself

What Girls Said 1

  • Go for it! Guys love it when girls make the first move. Invite him to a movie or something like that.


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