Feelings of my work crush towards me? Help it is very confusing?

There is this guy at work who I think I have a crush on. I dont understand why I have a crush on him. He is not that good looking but he is tall and has a nice body and he is a little bit weird, I always find weird guys attractive. we both work at the same place, Our office is an open office setting, so I see him everyday everywhere, we work 8 to 8 nonstop, so we see each other a lot. He is a little bit shy but flirty at the same time, like he'll say something flirty teasing me and then he'll just do a shy/flirty smile and turn around. He is known to be stubborn at the office, but I think he is cute I don't know why.

a group of friends and I went out this Friday and he showed up. I immediately thought, oh my please let me behave around him. Its weird because we both knew we were waiting to hang out together after work. After a few drinks we started talking about work, about his work and mine and how we were doing, we then went to a club and we kept dancing together, all night long, then he danced with another girl but came back and danced with me, then I said I wanted to leave... it was around 4 am, and he suggested we share an Uber home, so we got into an uber and talked some more and I kept asking things about him and his life, but then we decided to get some tacos that were close to his place, and we ate, I was pretty drunk but he wasn't as drunk, so after that I was deciding between going home or saying something to stay with him, but I decided not to, and he ordered me an Uber home and I left and went home. He didn't make a single move! We just talked and that's it... i don't get why after flirting all the time at work and then dancing he just didn't do anything. I am 26 and he is 31, he is a grown ass man, I know, but does that mean he doesn't like me? Or is he in love with someone? Or did he not do anything to avoid the weirdness at work? I know he goes on dates with people outside of work but I don't know if I should stop liking him or what to do :/. Help


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  • He likely didn't want to take advantage of you while you were more intoxicated. Give him your number and see whats up


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