Why did he text me so late at night to ask if I want to grab a drink this week so that we can talk?

Long story short: we dated for 8 weeks, the ex of 2 years he broke up with over 6 months ago texted him saying the things he had wanted to hear for a long time and that got him confused. He did not tell me immideatly but he did when I asked him about his weird behaviour. He said he really liked me and that he was sorry but she screwed up with his head and that they were not together. I went no contact for two weeks then shoot him a text asking whether he knows now where he stands at so that I can decide what position to take in this story as I am confused too. He replied he would tell me later that day because he was at work. I did not reply anything to that and he did not text me at the end of the day as he had said. I did not contact him again and after 1 week (so today) I receive a text from him at 4am asking me if I want to grab a drink this week to talk about this situation. He then asked me when I am available. Why would he do that? Does he want to tell me he is back with her personally?


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  • Oh damn. Kind of a dick move for him to put you in that situation. Personally I think if he wants to see you, he's not with her. Because most guys would just be like we are back together over text oooor wouldn't text back at all. Play hard to get though. Don't chase

    • I cannot know for sure he will not tell me that. He has not said anything apart from he wants to talk about the situation. He could do that over the phone or by message, but why wanting to see me? Why did he text me at 4am?

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