How do you get over a guy who will never like you?

i'd really like to know. my heart literally aches for this boy.


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  • Time is your best friend here.

    • doesn't feel like it /: i feel worse every day about him bc ik he'll never be mine

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  • Never say "never". It's easier for a girl to make a guy live her than vice versa.

    • he hates me though and he's with someone. i helped him cheat on her now 3 times.

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    • You shouldn't be such available. Stop talking to him at whole and change your image. Try to get new friends, including male friends.

    • He will become jealous in this case. He thinks now that you are his property

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  • Been there done that... eventually he will do something or something will happen and make you realize stressing over him is is not worth it and your mental health is important.

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