Is it something that I should've pursued?

i am 24 going on 25. i have been in one relationship and there was a lot of respect and compassion but he never really fought for me. left me with a shattered heart and really high walls.

i live a whole-hearted, black or white world. i uphold my morals and im not big on risks and i am okay with that.

i met a guy last year... i found myself really attracted to him and he is smart and funny... and tall and cute. very well accomplished for his age and he pursued me for months! the problem is he had a girlfriend at the time and i had to fight with all thats in me to seem indifferent.

i kept bringing up their relationship. he never really said much about it. i have since left the company we were at together and he contacted me again. and eventually said he's no longer in the relationship.

i dont know if i believe him and even if he is telling the truth... he is still a guy who chased another girl for months while he was in a relationship and thats why i feel like i can't give him a chance.

id like to add that my dating life has been so quiet and i fear never loving again. he seemed like someone i could really like. i feel like we connected and thats why im questioning wether i made the right choice.

have i allowed my moral standards to cost me or could i have possibly done the right thing?


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  • Step one: Chase him down and reconnect, no harm no foul.

    While you're doing this, do some digging on facebook to see what the real story is. Look for his relationship status, if you know who his potential ex is, look for her relationship status. If you find he's still in a relationship, move on, if he's not, move in

    • i already did that. i knew who she is last year already. the one time he asked to see me to tell me that he really likes me it was actually her birthday... i saw that on her instagram at the time. i walked out on him but ofcourse i didn't tell him what i knew.

      so id check her instagram again given that he's saying he's not in a relationship. but around the time he called me this year she made her instagram account private. which just frustrates me cause it was an easy way to tell. his facebook has always been private so i dont know...

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    • lol sorry about the typos. im dozing off. i hope you are able to see more or less what i am saying. thanks once more

    • haha. i'll keep that in mind. thanks

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