Guys, do you like sluts?

I don't know why but when I hear a girl is easy. I automatically wanna fuck her. But I won't have a serious relationship with her though.

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  • Not really.

    I wouldn't want a relationship with one, and it's probably a waste of my time to try to hookup with them. Sluts are usually only easy to get for guys who are more attractive than they are. So average looking girls usually only hookup with guys in the 7-8 range of attractiveness which means as an average guy I would probably have to go for a below average girl if I wanted easy no strings attached sex.

    I would rather just put in a little more effort and get a more attractive girl who isn't a slut.


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  • I'm guessing that's just you wanting to have sex without having to put any effort in beforehand.
    If you want to "fuck a slut" its because you can't be bothered having a connection with a person first.

    I would personally get offended if a guy pointed to a girl and called her a slut. Not agree with him then try my luck with her.

    Plus, I haven't met a promiscuous woman who hasn't trash talked every guy they've slept with.

  • Basically asking me if I like sex...

  • Yeah if you are not interested in dating I guess that's ok

  • Sluts are like fast food, sometimes you just can't be bothered and want the fastest thing possible. Yes we all hate fast food for it's negative health effects, but we all secretly love it on the inside.