Would making out with a girl help you have feelings with them?

I made out with a guy I used to date (we broke up 3 wks ago after going on 3 dates), we never had sex or kissed and I still like him.

Thing is he was the one that initiated the kiss because he kept staring at me during drinks and I said why are you staring and he said how he is holding back his instincts and I said well you should act on them. Then he said ok and grabbed me and kissed me, I was really shocked and we made out 7 times, all on his moves too.

But this morning he apologised if he did something stupid and that he felt bad if I'm expecting something more, when it will not happen and that he did not regret making out as he went with the flow, but he doesn't want me to be expect anything more as if something is going to come out of it. And that I didn't do anything wrong and he should had restrained himself.

But realistically, is there no way of him actually wanting to be back together? Why would he suddenly kiss me like that if he didn't feel anything? I sometimes feel he is holding back on something, yet kisses me like that. Would he think about it again and reconsider getting back together? He can't just kiss me and say goodbye?


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