Mean to my ldr boyfriend?

In the past I've been mean to my long distanct boyfriend... Im bipolar and depressed.. I get mood swings at times which is no excuse. But he still talks to me and understands me. He even told me he'd help me with my attitude problems.. He's really sweet but im a bitch to him at times. I am trying to be a better girlfriend though and so far its going good. But i just wanna know why has he stayed w me even when i was a bitch to him? He's sweet but has never left me ever and when we've broken up in the past i always did it and we always got back together.. I love him so much and he's like my only happiness.



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  • Are you clinically bipolar and depressed, or is that just your own self-diagnosis?

    Go see a mental health professional and get on some prescription to get your mood back in check, because I'm willing to bet that your boyfriend isn't the only person you lash out on.

    Thank him for putting up with your ass and either do something on your end, or let him go about his business. He obviously cares about you

    • If you read it correctly, I said Im working on it.

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