Would you see a guy again who lied about his nationality in a one night stand?

Hi! This is my first question on this website, and I made the account to ask this specific question. I live in an eastern European country and I am from an Arabic country from the middle east.

Two days ago I met a girl in the club. After some dancing and talking, she asked me where I am from. I don't usually lie about my nationality but this time I did and I told her that I am Italian. This was to avoid her being freaked out and backing off if I told her that I am from the middle east. I also had to lie about my name.

It turned out she spoke Italian, so I lied again and told her that I was born in Italy but lived all my life in Spain so I don't speak Italian. Anyway things went well and it got serious and we went to her place and had a one night stand. After the night she took my number and she said she wants to see me again. Now, I feel bad that i lied to her and I want to see her again but i am not sure if I should tell her the truth or not. If I didn't tell her the truth, I am sure this lie won't hold up any longer so I don't know what to do.


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  • Try being truthful, if you don't tell her now then will you go see her anyway if so then how long will you play the Italian guy? What if she or someone asked more questions about Italian that maybe you can't answer? Do you see there could be a real relationship growing, do really want her/like her? If so then I say you must tell her. If you don't see her again then she doesn't have to know, but how will you feel about not ever seeing her? Do you want you or the Italian guy to get to know her? My biggest opinion is just tell her, the truth should set your mind and heart free, tell her why you said that, then she can understand but tell her there's a reason first before she freaks out. She probably will be mad or disappointed or freak out because she took it far to slept with you, but if she wants a relationship and likes you a lot that shouldn't matter much. Shouldn't she have a right to know who she slept with?

  • tell the truth with a reason...


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