Third date ended earlier?

Went on a third date with her, to a museum event. After 3 hours into the date she decided to leave ( I ended riding back with her on the subway). Her excuse was she felt stomach sick and she wanted to meet another time for the second part of the date (hookah). While on the date we did kiss a couple of times. There was a goodbye kiss.

She did develop motion sickness before the museum while riding the subway train. I'm just not sure if she really meant to postpone for another time or it's her way of trying to end the date because she's not interested anymore.

Does this sound like an excuse to end it early or did she really mean it about seeing me another time?


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  • judging by what you've said, I'd say she would definitely be up for seeing you again!

    I'd give her the benefit of the doubt as it is quite possible she didn't feel well. Shoot her a text and say how you hope she's feeling better and how you'd love to take her on a make up date :)

    Good luck man!

  • I feel like she is still into you, she might have just been getting tired after 3 hours and just wanted some alone time. If she gave you kisses and told you she wanted to finish the date i feel like she's still in to you


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