How do I get my boyfriend to kiss me the right way?

OK so.. I like my boyfriend but he sucks at kissing. We've been together for 3 months. The thing is that when we stand I usually avoid French kisses, unless it gets too obvious (I don't wanna make him feel bad or anything). But when he comes at my place and I lie in the bed, he gets on top of me and kisses me. I wouldn't actually call it a kiss though. He just sticks out his tongue and pulls it down my throat. :))) Or he moves it around like a washing machine, which is really weird. Plus he keeps his eyes opened all the time, which makes it even weirder.

And the fact that he sits on top makes me unable to take over and be in control. So I can't even avoid his kisses. And I hate them. They're terrible.. I only count the seconds until it ends. =))

Anyways, I'm too shy to tell him that I hate his French kisses. He once told me that he hasn't kissed anyone for a while and that's why he isn't very good at it.. But it looks to me like he hasn't kissed anyone at all. =)) though I know he had girlfriends before. :|

what should I do? Bite his tongue until he screams? =))


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  • You're too shy to tell him you don't like the way he kisses but you're not too shy to bite his tongue? :-p

    Seriously though, TELL HIM! And try to go for something like "Hey I'd prefer it if you would..." rather than "OH MY GAWD YOU SUCK".


What Girls Said 1

  • take the lead and jump on him. teach him how you want it instead of whining about it. so ul both enjoy ur xoxos.

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