What does it mean when someone tells you they want to "take it easy" but not officially break up but still wants to be friends?

OKAY I NEED ADVICEEE. My boyfriend found out his aunt is very sick and basically said that he can't commit to me right now because him and his family have to take care of her plus his work has been keeping him so busy so he said we should "cool it" for a while. He also said he still wants to be friends because he still cares about me, and if I meet another guy to let him know. The thing is he barely messages me anymore and I feel super rejected and pushed away, he messages me once in a while saying he misses me and he's sorry he has been so busy, but we also haven't seen each other for like 4 weeks now. ANYWAYS during this time, I kind of met another guy and we only went on 3 dates and the new guy tried to kiss me but I rejected him because I feel super guilty but I also enjoy spending time with this guy and I don't know what is going on with my ex or whatever. LIKE WHAT SHOULD I DOOO?


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  • Tell the Ex you met another guy, like he asked. From then on it shouldn't make you feel guilty.


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