Who should I go for or what should I do?

Basically my situation is I have a best friend that I think I like more then a friend I haven't been able to figure it out yet and there currently not living near by anymore (in about 6 months they'll be back) but on the other hand I've met this guy that I've knows for almost a year now but I'm growing strong feelings for him he is also not living near me. I've known my best friend for years and know they wouldn't hurt me and this new guy just seems so nice. What should I do? I'm conflicted for leaving my best friend for a guy but I feel bad for leaving him for my best friend


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  • this is why i talk to one girl at a time. this crap is stupid. but for ur case girl i understand what ur saying this new guy camed out of no where and it (ur feelings just eventually grew) well i think if u can't choose between two guy friends. Just dont choose. Just continue talking like friends and dont try get into relationship talk if ur scared to make the decisions without hesitation. if u rush now u might lose them both. and then everyone will be heartbroken and lonely. including u. so TAKE YOUR TIME and DO NOT LET ANYONE ON HERE TO CHOOSE FOR YOU. LET YOUR OWN HEART DECIDE. lol by the way ever met a guy u like and u talked for awhile but he never ask u out cas he listened to his friends when they said "no dont date dat girl she is not for u"?

    • Yeah I had an old friend that used to tell people not to go out with me.

  • Honestly, I didn't understand 😂 I'm sorry ✌


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