Girls Don't Care About Baldness, Is It True Or Bullshit?

I have a friend who is bald and he uses a really expensive hair system that looks real. It's like Hollywood level realism so you could never tell it's fake. He did a youtube video for MH2GO about it.

Ever since he started using this hair system he's gotten more responses on tinder and other dating sites. When he goes to places and talks to women, women are more responsive to him and he gets many more numbers. He's even done surveys where he would post a picture of himself bald on yahoo answer asking people to rate him and he got average typically. Then he did another survey but this time he used the hair system and he got high score.

Personally, I don't think he looked bad bald, but he does look a heck of a lot better with the hair system. I mean many girls straighten their hair, wear make up, wear wings or weaves, so what's wrong with a bald guy wearing a wig if it helps improve his dating life and confidence. I think confisence plays a role in dating but I feel people over exaggerate the confidence part and the reality is people base their decision on some level on looks as well. Thoughts?

His Before and AfterGirls Don't Care About Baldness, Is It True Or Bullshit?


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  • Honestly, I do care.


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  • he looks a lot better now I think most girls would care