Girls, girl has cancelled a lot lately; says she is not trying to avoid me. How do I keep her interested if she always busy?

We have hung out a couple times, drank, and played some games. She teases me in my front of my friends, along with sending lots of laughing gestures and emojis over text. She has cancelled/been busy the last few times when I invited her to do something. The first time she told me she wasn't trying to date right now but then told me her schedule and seemed like she still wanted to hang out. What should I do if I want to keep her interested but not be needy although she is super busy?


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  • You don't. If she said to you she's not trying to date right now, you tell her to call you if she changes her mind.

    • I'm gonna give her some space and see if she asks me to hang out. The thing is I was gonna just gonna keep trying to hang out just in case she is still interested but just not ready. She just got out of a relationship not too long ago so she might just be hesitant

    • dont keep trying.

  • she might have lost interest

    • Do you think I should just give her more space and see if she tries to hangout?

    • yea give her more space

  • It seems she's just dragging you on

    • You think she is just waiting until I lose interest? I didn't prompt her when she said she isn't trying to avoid me, she said that on her own after I invited her to do something. Then she said she had to finish this school work and was recovering from a weekend of partying.

    • Lots of excuses

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