Is she even interested anymore?

So I feel like I'm really messing up with my girlfriend. She wants to take it really slow because use she has issues trusting people so the fact that she decided to go out is a big deal. so she said she's okay with hand holding and hugging but because she said that I've been hesitant to take the next step. she also said she doesn't like to be controlled nor do I want to control herI just feel like I'm messing up because I just keep asking her too many questions I feel like I know her so much. I just want to make sure I'm not messing up our relationship I just need advice on what steps I need to take so I don't push her away or maybe I'm just overreacting. I just need some advice from other girls to know whether or not my actions are affecting our relationship in a negative way. do you think I should just let her be for a little bit should I continue talking to her so I just mind my own business im not sure what I need to do. She claims I don't annoy her but I feel like I do.


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  • I don't think she's annoyed, she would probably tell you if she was. Also if she's answering all your question, then you're probably not making her uncomfortable. Usually when people are evading a certain question or topic, is the biggest hint that they don't want to talk about it and that you are overstepping. So just tell her how you feel and I'm sure she'll give you a straight answer.

    • so far what you have said seems to be inline with what she mentioned

    • Has she ever told you that you're making her uncomfortable or that you're overstepping? If not, I would say that you are in the clear! I wish you the best! Good luck with you relationship!

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  • She's probably just playing with you to be honest. I've been there. Just ignore her man and date other women. I don't see how you can be official girlfriend boyfriend if she is telling u to slow down and stop controlling her when all u doing is showing interest.

    If you aren't getting the interest back then u don't deserve that shit. If u doing all the initiating then that's also a horrible sign.

    Only thing u should do now is do nothing. Give her space don't contact her frequently. If she doesn't see the value in you then her loss man. In the mean time work on yourself and date other women u honestly don't need to take this type of shit.

    I just went through 4 weeks of bullshit myself with a girl with similar issues just to contract a sti. Don't waste any more of your time. Don't break up with her cause she won't break up with you. She'll keep u on the hook if anything

    • And if she ain't fucking then it's total bullshit

    • You will find someone who is happy to be with you and reciprocate like a normal person. U don't need to save this one let her and her issues go. She should know herself better and stop being fake with you

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  • if you don't come on strong someone will take care of her needs and you will lose her


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  • If she's says she isn't annoyed she isn't annoyed. Keep asking the questions (at a reasonable pace), it shows you're interested in her if you follow the answers.

    • it's kind of hard to follow up on her answers. she is giving me one word answers.

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