Girls what's your first date preference, dinner or drinks for this situation? Guys which has worked for you in a similar situation?

Hello, so put simply a have a crush on a girl in one of my college classes and our last class I managed to get the ball rolling conversation wise and I got the feeling she's interested as well. My plan is to talk some more to her at tonight's class and see if she's up to anything afterwards. The class ends at 930 pm so I was wondering if I should ask her out to dinner or drinks. Given the time drinks would probably make more sense but if this plays out the way I'd like it to then I'd like her to have a first date better than drinks. Lol To ad she is leaving tomorrow for spring break so I don't know if i should save dinner for when she gets back or what. I'm at the point where I'm ready to be looking for a girl to marry and not just date and I think dinner would suggest that more so than drinks. Obviously I'm not saying my first date will be asking those types of questions I'm just trying to say I'm ready for commitment and something serious and I'm pretty sure she is looking for the same thing. Also I ended my last serious relationship 6 months ago (decided she wasn't the one for me to marry) and have been dating regularly but never found myself with this dilemma, I'm guessing it's because I haven't liked the others as much nor have I immediately seen the possibility of them being "marriage material" so to speak. Any advice from girls if they were in her position or from guys who have been in mine would be appreciated.

PS I was thinking of making a tick tac toe game on a piece of paper and passing it to her in the middle of class and conversing by writing on the paper as well. I figured it may be an original way of flirting with her in this day and age as well as bring up some nastalgiea of days when she used to pass messages in class. The only problem is that our class has a lot of note taking, however I record the lectures so I could give her a copy if she missed anything. Love it or hate it let me know.


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  • dinner and drinks is usually a safe first date


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