A guy I am seeing asked if I would go to Miami with him and his friends for his bday when he was drunk... 4 days have passed. What do I do?

I have been dating this guy for a little over a week. When we first met he talked about how he is going to Miami for his bday the end of March. The other night he met out with my friends and I. We got pretty drunk and on the way home he told me I should come to Miami with him. I laughed and was like o you are funny and he was like no seriously you will have the time of your life. I was like ok well I don't even know when it is. He goes I will text you the dates now... and he did. Well it has been 4 days since and he has brought up the Miami trip on a couple of occasions, but not the whole me going part. He does seem to forget some conversations that we have especially when drinking. I am kind of worried ticket prices are going to go up and so if he truly wants me to go I need to book. If not I have no issues with that either because we haven't known each other long. How do I ask? Do I ask?
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  • If he doesn't bring up you going again, I'd forget it. Being so drunk that you have no control over yourself does not excuse the behavior. He put you in an odd situation and has left you wondering unnecessarily. You haven't known him near long enough to risk going out of town with him and his friends. Use your head and not your emotions on this. He could have other motives as well.

  • Drunken thoughts are most likely the truth but a little overdone. Maybe he wanted to ask but make sure if you did wanna go or not since y'all still new to each other. You should just wait until he makes up his mind and don't ask about it cause then that makes things awkward...

  • Yes you should ask because when drunk you never remember half what you say and you can confirm if he meant it or not.


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