Do most guys honestly say what ever will get a girl to sleep with them and then stop talking to her?

I've been seeing this guy for a month, he was really nice and sweet in the beginning, we did hookup 4 times. but yesterday he called me and asked to hangout, I said okay, then he said okay I'll let you know when I'm free. I never herd back from him so I ended up going to my friends house party, and I saw on his Snapchat story he also went out, and the next day I sent him a message saying hey, he "read" it & didn't respond. It really hurts because I've never been disrespected by a guy before, I feel completely stupid. I just want to know if he actually liked me or if he just wanted sex. Also if he just wanted sex, that is honestly the most disrespectful thing to do to a person.


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  • do you know him other then your relationship, like through your friend or something, if yes then you should know how he really is,

    if no, then.. if he just stop seeing you without saying anything, then he just wanted sex.. scrw him.. don't feel bad.

    your a nice person. u'll get way better then him..


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  • i agree with first part but not last part unless he didn't enjoy sex with you


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  • hmm...
    just want thing...
    that's why í don't like girls like you.
    dating girls like you...
    that's why í am single and always want to be

    you slept with him... and you even don't know he is serious or not.
    maybe all you want is fun.
    and now you are sad becuase he didn't replied... no Boy ever disrespected you. ( he is the first one. ). maybe becuase everybody wanted the same.

  • Players do that and there are a lot of players out there. In my case, if I just want to sleep with a girl and nothing else, I tell her. I don't like to lead people on.


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