I'm having difficulty getting myself to text her again?

OK so, if a guy you really don't like texts you once one week, then again 2 weeks later, will that really get you annoyed?

Its just that this shy girl in one of my classes 3 months ago told me she was busy when I tried asking her out. I didn't ask for a date or anything, just asked what she was doing on Thursday night. I figured she would then ignore me for the rest of the semester so I sat in a spot further back in class and she still came to sit and talk with me every class.

Then after the final exam I asked her for coffee with me which she agreed.

Then 2 weeks ago I left a message on her phone telling her id love to meet up with her again and to let me know if she wants to. I figured if she didn't, she'd ignore this message and that would be the end of it. But she didn't, she texted me saying hi and commented on a joke I made. I then responded to that sort of and never heard from her again.

Tomorrow I want to text her and just finally ask her out until she gives me a definitive answer. I want a yes or no so I can just move on. I'm very worried though that I am really annoying her with this and she thinks I'm a creep. Part of me thinks she might have never received my text before and so felt I was ignoring her. I don't know...

Reason why I'm texting her is because she doesn't seem to like talking on the phone. She just texts usually and I've already tried calling and she doesn't pick up, just texts back


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  • your thinking about this WAAAAAY too much.. overanalyzing over nothing!

    just text her and ask her if she wants to go for a coffee or something.. if she says yes.. try and get something going with her.. but if she says no (depending on the excuse) then she may not be interested.. in that case just move on... there is no need to agonise over texting and overtexting her... one text every week/2 weeks shouldnt annoy anyone!


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  • I would say text and ask. Can't hurt and until you do you'll keep wondering.