What might be the real meaning behind his behavior? Are most cold guys like this?

So Im really confused. For me, getting attracted to a guy is a really big deal because I try not to get involved in any emotional situations, plus Im a Insecure kinda person in these aspects, so when I do fall for someone I get too attached or think about it too much. And something has been happening in these last 5-7 months... I've never been in a situation where the attraction comes from both parts. My friends say its because I kinda intimidate guys and have high expectations so they back off. But this time, its a whole different thing. There's this guy, we have been classmates for about a year and a half and we didn't noticed each other until a few months ago, when we started interacting more at class, I kinda fell for his intellectual and "way of perceiving things" side... The texting at first was all about projects, but everything changed during Christmas vacations when things got interesting, he told me he felt a deep attraction since he felt I was different and uhm, I went with the flow, at the moment I didn't told him I was feeling the same way but he kept complimenting me. But he is the type of guy who is a bit cold... Who disappears or retracts every now and then. Also Im aware he is a very busy person. But what confuses me, is that one day I had to be honest and I told him I was attracted to him as well (because the funny thing is, that this semester we encounter each other 1/2 times a week but not in class anymore, and I get so nervous that I just leave, so I had to be honest wt him about how I felt) and since then he has been given me mixed signals. We dont text anymore, so Im losing interest. But what confuses me is that when we encounter lately hetries to greet me, sometimes he enters the room (which is during my class not his) and my friend has caught him at the back just staring at me, also he seems interested on what I post on social media, and in person he tries to make himself noticeable. Like he is silently there but doesn't approach anymore.
Or is he shy about it?


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  • Not really they aren't


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