Is he instead in more than friendship?

So this guy I've been talking to since November has come to my house to hang out just about ever week since January. We just hang out watch movies and play video games. We're both 27
he has brought me dinner 3 times, I've cooked 3 times, he's come twice late at night and went to the store to bring me wine ( we work both nights so we usually hang out late evening ), 2 nights ago at work I was struggling to stay awake so he made me a cup of coffee and brought it to my department and last night h e was off and I was at work and he got out of his house at 1 am and went to get me food and brought it to me. Nothing much has really happened between us except one awkward kiss. We are both socially awkward and have been single for a while. I'd like to get an opinion on if he could possibly like me? Would a guy do all this without caring for a girl at all? I do like him and I have told him this and his response was let keep on hanging out and see what develops.

Please let let me know what you all think!


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  • Not really


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