How can I get a date from this guy?

I would like to start off by saying that I think this guy is fairly interested.

See I work as a cashier, and I had seen this guy a few times. He comes through my lane every time he goes shopping, but he doesn't go much. Like once a month. So I've only seen him about once a month since the first time I saw him, and that was four months ago. I saw him again last night. He's pretty friendly, and so we were laughing and joking like we were friends, and the time I saw him before last night he'd told me his name and all that. Which I did remember somehow. then he left.
It was a pretty slow night, so I didn't have any customers. This guy comes back in, walks past all the other registers that have no wait, and comes right to mine which was quite a walk fro the side of the store he came in. He stood in my aisle for several minutes. Said he wanted something sweet. So I stood there sassing him pretty much because that's how I communicate to other people.

Then finally he grabbed a candy bar and bought it, after he paid he held out his phone and asked for my number. I know, shouldn't give out my number to strangers. Did it anyway, because as I said, I'd seen him multiple times before. And then we messaged all night until I fell asleep, then I messaged him at around 11 am today and he messaged back right away. So far I've not had to wait for a reply until a minute ago when he went to work, and that's because well, he's at work.

So yeah I think he's interested. But I don't really have a lot of dating experience, so do I just like wait for him to ask me to hang out with him? And how do I get him to like take that extra step? I don't know what I'm doing over here. We're both 19 if that makes a difference.


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  • Just tell him you would like to hang out sometime. that would leave the ball in his court to make a move.

  • You could try asking him
    I hate this whole thing about guys asking first you all want equality so act like it

    • well see the thing is is that I can't drive myself yet. I haven't got my license. I know it's late but there was just never a chance to learn due to personal family/life stuff.
      So I don't wanna be like "Hey we should go out sometime" then he feel obligated too and then it be like "oh yeah and you have to come pick me up"

    • Well if you wiggled the fact that you can't drive into a conversation or when you ask him say "but I can't drive" and he wanted to go on a date with you he'd say "oh it's ok I'll drive" or something along those lines

    • oooh I had the perfect opportunity to wiggle it in last night and then didn't e. o told him I was waiting for my mom to finish her shopping before I could leave work, but he probably just thinks I might have gotten a ride for that day. Totally could have told him too, oops

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  • Could you get a ride somewhere you arrange to meet up?

    • Most likely... I have a lot of friends who are VERY interested in my love life for some reason so they'd be like on board. But I don't know I would just feel kinda awkward being like "Can you drop me off to meet some dude than leave like I'm at a middle school dance being dropped off by my mom?" you know?

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    • Now THAT, that could work, I feel dumb for not thinking of it lol it'd probably be a lot safer too since like , I have a pretty good sense about people, and I legit think he's fine. Like usually when I see him he's helping his grandma shop. So I've got a pretty good feeling about him, but at the same time, I've still only talked to him four times so he's still kind of a stranger <3 I appreciate you

    • Absolutely! I think it's safer and keeps it very casual until you see what type of person he is. Best of luck :)

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