This girl is driving me nuts?

I started talking to this girl I met on a dating app and she keeps asking me all these weird random questions, like what's my phone number, lets go to such and such next weekend, do you have a facebook? Are you good with kids, are you romantic, give an example, what's your last name so I can put it in my phone, she asks for all this stuff and I'm thinking she's going to text me, nope she's still messaging on the dating app even though I said how about you text me it's easier. Why would someone even ask some of these questions?

I give her props for setting up a date and essentially doing all the work, but I'm starting to wonder. Honestly I wonder if she wants to get to know me or is she going to rob me. lol Also she keeps messaging me repeatedly everyday. Is this normal? I like that other girl I was talking to a lot more now she gives me my space and doesn't bug me. lol


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  • Maybe she's just trying to start a conversation, the easiest way to do that is by asking questions


What Guys Said 1

  • I'd stay clear clear from her. Some of those questions are usually meant to asked after getting to know each other for a bit & some of those questions are pretty personal. She probably won't rob you but there is something; she's asking for too much information too early

    • I told her lets save the question asking for the date so we have something to talk about. lol

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