I'm the only dude that has a problem with too much testosterone levels?

yah I had to go to a psychiatrist because I was having a lot of problems in school with fighting and getting mad over little thing... I punched a hole in the door one time because I didn't get pizza for dinner. I got in a fist fight with my dad once. I get really hot for no reason... but the doctor said I have to jerking the chicken ever twice a week and that would make me feel better..


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  • "jerking the chicken" …?


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  • I have never heard if this
    but first you need to follow the truth and listen to GOD calm the heck down

    its only pizza you will live cause I promise you cross someone like me or some else out on the street you will get stabbed or a bullet through your head

    your parents have taken care of you relax I know there not perfect but you are alive


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