Why do I lose interest so easily?

I've had several boyfriends and/or guys I've talked to but it never works out because after about a few months I just lose interest in them and I always become distant and almost annoyed being around them. This always happens that I just simply lose interest and I don't know why I try hard to like a person but it never works. Any thoughts?


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  • Either you are boring and looking for someone else to be interesting, or you don't know yourself so after the initial high, you move on looking for something you will never find.

    It also sounds like you are going through the motions, maybe are afraid of being alone and really have no idea why you are even doing the boyfriend / girlfriend thing.

    You do not know yourself!

    It's much easier to continue fooling around with guys than to take the time to get to know yourself at the deepest levels.

    You aren't annoyed being around them, you are annoyed at yourself for seeking out the wrong thing (subconsciously).


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  • you just need to find someone that's actually worth your time


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  • Because you haven't really found what you're looking for and every person you meet seems boring to you.