Has this ever happened to you?

I was like in love with this girl, I didn't know what exactly my feelings were for her at the time, I would have done anything for her. To her though I was her " best straight friend" which I never understood what exactly she ment by that but all I knew was that I was friendzoned. I didn't care as long as I spent time with her I was happy. The thing that bothered me was everything that she complained about her boyfriend not doing or how he didn't do this or that, I was doing for her. He treated her like she was just a peace of meet and I would go insane as I knew, that I was the perfect guy for her, well at least in my opinion, and I didn't know why she put up with him.

so basically my question is have you ever been in that situation where you knew you would be better for that person than the one they were currently dating?


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  • I'm so sorry for your loss

    • it OK lol it was when I was younger I am over it, mostly, now.

    • Oh forsure, yeah I've been in a similar situation. The best option is right in front of their fucking face yet they can't see it lol but that's life I guess

    • yes man that is exactly what I meant , OK I feel so much better about the situation now.

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  • You are wasting your time with said girl, since she has already told you that she is not interested and you don't seem to understand that. No matter what you do, she won't view you in a different way, you have to realize that.

    • you are correct but, this happened 6 years ago in my early teenage years, but the teenage me would of loved to hear that from you 6 years ago.

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  • You lost me at "in love", but i know what you mean, it reminds me of that shawn mendez song


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