Does age matter

Is age a huge factor when dating say your a teen and your interested in a guy in his late teens to 20's if you have a high maturity level and he is interested in you and you in him is it automatically ruled out that you can't date him because he's older even if you both have no intention of having any kind of intercourse isn't love the major factor and not the age difference?


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  • I think Hercules has good intentions in what he says. But I don't necessarily agree with him. I've seen older guys be interested in younger girls, and they try not to be because of age, but the younger girl is truly at that same maturity level as the guy. They've ended up dating and having great relationships. Age is not a factor to feelings. I would be really careful of the sexual aspect but don't hold back if you truly feel something. You could loose something great.

    • Thank you and I understand everyone's feelings but this guy is real he isn't the type to take advantage of someone he's way too shy to thank you all for your advice.

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  • From what I've seen, and I've seen a lot, almost every time a teenage girl starts dating an older guy (late teens/20's) it almost always turns into a lustful relationship. Most older guys are mature and appropriate enough to not date teenage girls, when they do, it really is just creepy and almost illegal. (Illegal only if you have sex and etc). Older guys who won't take advantage of you are the same ones who WONT be dating you.

    Though, there are freak accident cases where teenage girls can find really honest, mature older guys. So.I'd recommend against it, but if you really have to learn from personal experience, go ahead. Just be careful.

    • But why does it have to be like that why is it an automatic that if he is older he is going to want to take advantage of you what if you guys share a certain connection one not involving sex whatsoever what if you really care about each other

    • Like I said, sometimes it really works out, but the majority of the time the kind of guys you're referring to aren't going to be looking for or trying to date girls 5-7 years younger then them.

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  • Yes, its not as much as maturity as it is the law. YOu should also question his motives and his maturity for dating someone so young. From personal experience, when guys date young, they think young (meaning they are immature), they also have a tendency to think they can get over on the girl/trick her. If it really likes you/loves you, he'll wait (that includes dating you). I would advise you to look to your own age group. Now if he's 18 or 19 its a little bit more understandable, but mid-20's? No, not really.