Guys, would it freak you out... if someone told you they knew you were nervous around her? Do you think he was thinking of typing another message?

This guy @ church has been giving me hints that he likes me.. complimenting my singing, my dresses, etc. Staring when I'm not looking at him. Keeps staring when I look at him. Can't look me in the eyes sometimes when he's talking to me. I gave him my number in a card on Christmas. He didn't call. He gave an excuse he zoned out staring not looking away & looked embarrassed/kept apologizing. One Sunday night he was behind me and had his mouth open staring when I turned around. During the convo he asked if I was busy. I said no not really I just crochet. He kept asking about the project but didn't say why he asked if I was busy. On Wednesday he told me hi but ended up looking @ the floor. He was standing in front of me for a little bit...& he said Happy belated birthday. Then he wasn't looking @ the floor but staring @ my shoes. That was weird. I was wearing peep toe heels. He was in another state, playing the piano @ our ex choir director's wedding this past weekend. The young adult class had their lunch after church. One of the teachers of the class posted a photo talking about it. I had already liked the photo & what she said. He commented.. Aww! I'm sad I'll miss this.:'( On fb in the chat on Sun. I typed: Hi! :D I hope you had fun the other day! We missed you at church! By the way.. you can talk to me in the chat if you want to. I don’t mind.:) Have a good week! He said Thanks! I missed being @ church this morning. I won't be @ church next week either, so have a good couple of weeks. All of a sudden the dots appeared like he was going to type something else but didn't. He got off before I replied. I said:You too! I hope you aren't stressing or anything. I don't know if you are busy or not. That's why I hadn't said anything before now. I was afraid of bothering you. You don't have to be so nervous around me either. I just wanted to let you know that it's okay and you can talk to me.:) He saw the other message but didn't reply back to it. Not much experience. Help?

I got to go to Sunday school in the new building. There was a couple already in the room. There was a chair in between me and the man. He was the next person to walk in. He could have sat anywhere.. but sat in the chair that was in between me and the other guy. In other words he sat by me. He kept moving around in Sunday school like he couldn't get comfortable.. crossing and uncrossing his legs different ways.. straightened his jacket.. brushed his jacket off.. ran his hand through his hair
... at one point I think he was breathing a little deeper. I think he was nervous. Why did he ask if I was busy but didn't make a move? Was he missing being in church.. or missing seeing me at church? Does he like me or not? I hope I worded it right and didn't freak him out. I don't want him to avoid me because he's nervous. & the exclamation point on thanks! Does that mean he was excited? I wonder what else he was going to say that he didn't post.


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  • It's difficult to evaluate, but... he might have a crush on you yeah, he also seems to struggle socializing with you... might be anxious.

    Maybe you need to take more action.

    • We did a duet once. The day of.. he asked which microphone I was going to use. Then he said we could use the microphones on oppostite sides of the church and gaze into each other's eyes. It surprised me when he said it. He had a funny look on his face like he was uncomfortable. I said that could work. That was another thing that happened before Christmas. He invited me to go to Sunday School with them when I don't have PreK kids in my class. That was one time he couldn't look me in the eyes. He was looking at me and then he started looking around when he said that. The key was him looking away when he said that. If he had kept eye contact I would have thought he was just being nice. He looked nervous. Since then I've been going to their class when I can.

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    • One day when we practiced for the duet... he came in the room looking at the floor and said he had been watching Netflix all day. At the time I was confused. He was smiling and looking at the floor. Maybe that was a hint and I didn't catch it. He did say that about the eye gazing though. Maybe that was a second attempt at a hint. Do you really think he likes me?

    • I think there's a 70% chance of him wishing to share blankets with you while watching netflix <3

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