Should I ask this girl out?

There's this girl I met at one of those meetups from meetup. com. It was an art meetup and we ended up talking a lot during it and we sat across from each other. During conversation, she mentioned how she wanted to go to this concert this weekend. So when I got back home, I got a notification on facebook from a friend saying they are looking to sell tickets for the same exact event. So I'm like perfect and then I hit up this girl and tell her I found her tickets. She's happy and then I plan to give them to her later this week.
Should I ask her out there or is it too soon?
On one hand, I feel like if I ask her out there using the tickets as bait, it will seem kind of forced, like she owes me a date. And I don't want that.
On the other hand, although I'll be seeing her pretty often with this meetup group, I might not have a chance to talk to her one on one like this for a while.
She also works with a majority of guys so I feel like she might get asked out a lot and I don't want to bother her.

What do you recommend?
What I'm thinking of doing is just playing it by ear, and see if she gives me any signs she is interested, otherwise, I can ask out later when we know each other better.


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  • Wait a bit and ask her out when you know each other better.


What Guys Said 2

  • Yeah wait till you know each other more then ask her out

  • ask her out, dont be shy.


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