To women who don't want romantic relationships with men?

I've heard many men state that they don't look for or want romantic relationships with women because: they're usually busy and a relationship is too much like work, women are not good for relationships, relationships are worthless, women aren't like they used to be, relationships aren't fulfilling and sexual needs are the only reason to need a women or want one, or escorts are more honest (because they openly say they want money for giving sex) and women have too many bad traits to deal with (selfish, entitled, single minded, greedy, don't contribute to anything in society or relationships etc), or they simply don't want to have a romantic relationship.

I'd like to know why, from women who don't want and don't look for romantic relationships, don't do relationships. what's the reason? did something happen to you that made you not want to date etc with the opposite sex?

@marellia i give you half a point for answering the question but you just admitted men and women are getting self involved so why blame feminism? just shot yourself in the foot. if feminism dictates what happens in your dating life, something is wrong with you. Sad you're generalising "most women" hopefully you know loads of them.


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  • They turned WGTOW!


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  • Women (men too) are getting more focused on themselves and their careers, that's why it's getting harder and harder to keep relationship with a partner. Women want to be more and more independent. And yes, feminism made women more selfish, bitter, as now they can openly express they hate to men which makes men to lose respect in women