Do girls ever feel above guys because guys are always throughing themselves at them?

do girls ever get a sense of superiority over men?
for example my female friends gets many many messages a week from guys on facebook and instagram all sucking up to her. And the conversation is completely one sided doing everything they can to impress her while she couldnt care less.
then you have girls who go on omeagle or online who are just rude and entitledish towards guys brcause they know 90% are guys and will suck up to them.
especially on online games, many of the guys just follow the girl around and support her.
so from all this do girls ever feel above guys in a way?


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  • No I don't. I don't feel like I'm above anyone at all tbh. I think that "superiority complex" is another way of being cocky.

  • no of course not


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