Guys, Sleeping with guy for other year now. thinking about cutting my losts but thinking about hanging around. Any chance of anything more?

The guy I've been sleeping with for over a year now I started spending the night now for the last few times. He wants me to stay over. We cuddle on his couch watch movies together. He cooks dinner and breakfast for me. Let's me borrow his sweaters or shirts if I'm cold. He always makes sure I'm comfortable. We spend over 9 hours together every time onetime 15 hours when he was sick. So he didn't have work he always asking about dudes hitting on me or if I'm having any sex with anyone else. He likes checking my finger nails he likes when I have them nicely painted he hates when they are chipped.


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  • Either marry him or dump him.

    • Seriously, what you have is a friend with benefits. If you want any more you will have to dump him to get it.

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  • Sounds like he wants to keep you.


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