Being blocked from a SC story?

Hi I know that someone can block you from viewing their snapchat stories without deleting you as a friend. I was wondering though because i haven't seen this friend post a story at all today. Im starting to think i could have been blocked from their story but there was a story they loste 18 hours ago that i still bavent opened and i can still see it there in my unopened stories list. so question is if they did block me from stories after they posted one 18hrs ago would i still be able to see that there? thank you!


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  • If they blocked you after the 18 hours story, you will only be able to see the 18 hour story not the one that they posted after that. But i guess you're overthinking, maybe they didn't post anything at all but yea thats how it works. Settings can be changed for every single snap/video.
    Source: i have been doing that for ages 🙈

    • aw o no! yeah you may be right. its just that her and her friends were posting tons of snaps yesterday having fun together and today all of them like mysteriously dissapeared from the app. I dont think they all would agree to like block me at the same time though iono :/

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    • o no the snap never dissapeared, i just never opened it. i dont even know why she would have blocked me of i wasn't looking at her stories in the first place

    • Oh thats totally fine, have a good day! 😊

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