Guys what goes through your mind when you fall for another girl but you have a girlfriend?

So lets say you fall for your female friend and you're attracted to her. She has almost all the qualities that a guy looks for. But you have a girlfriend too, say of 4 years. What goes through your mind? Do you feel like dumping her and going after the new chick? Or keep them both. Flirt with the chick and keep the girlfriend. What are your inner feelings?


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  • This is the worst feeling on the planet. My pal Joe fell in love with this girl Tess. Dated since early college. Long ass time. Joe talks to this girl because he is a social bug and a nice person. Her name was Julie. Julie wasn't really your average "hoe" type either. Joe and her fell in love. Joe was going to commit suicide because he knew if he chose to stay with Tess he would betray her and if he betrayed her he wouldn't be able to live with himself. Joe went through a lot but at the end the two people who fell in love with him stayed by his side and Tess grew to respect Julie. There is only one solution for falling in love with two people and that is called polygamy. They are in a triad poly relationship and have never been happier.


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