Why is my ex asking me all these questions?

My ex and I broke up almost three years ago. We stayed on friendly terms though and would text each other once in a while. It was mostly him initiating the texting. He has previously told me that he
'will never find anyone better' than me and seemed to regret our breakup. In September of last year, he moved back to his home country and we have been texting once in a while since then. I'm traveling to his country in June for a holiday and when he found out, he got extremely happy - saying he wanted to see me and take me on a short trip for a day or two.

Yesterday, he texted me in the morning, asking how job opportunities are like in my country and asked me for some more information about it. I replied to him and kept it casual. Then today, he asked me what my future plans were and whether I was planning on staying where I am right now or moving somewhere else in the future. He told me he was confused as to what he wanted to do in the future.

For some reason, I felt like he was hinting that he wanted to move to my home country together with me but I'm not sure. Why would an ex ask you what your future plans are in terms of moving etc etc?


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  • I don't speak to exes. I'm not that stupid

    • Your personal decision which is fine :)

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  • That's what it sounds like but that's a big move if he does, I guess he does have feelings still though


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