Guy I'm talking to is talking to other girls way prettier than me... I feel like I'm no match?

Guy and I have been "talking/texting". Not dating so we are talking to other people as well. It's been a week and we are supposed to meet soon. He just requested to follow me on insta.. I did some snooping and I saw another girl he may be talking to. It's speculation, there's no pictures of them together or comments towards each other but I know they're talking. She's way pretty. She seems like more of his type too. I'm a bit nervous and I've been backing off a little now. I did text him this morning until I found that out. He doesn't follow a lot of people/girls on his social media.
Should I back off completely or like I don't know just stay friends or whatever. I'm definitely not too sad about it but I am nervous. I never gone this slow with a guy before. Usually I jump into talking/ date after a month then official right after that. He said he wants to take his time and I definitely want to take my time but I am impatient. But how do you keep your cool when there's way prettier girls out there that can easily push you to the side?


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What Guys Said 2

  • Are there girls prettier than u that he is talking to... yes

    Dont be insecure about it. If he likes u things will play out in ur favor

    Advice for you... don't worry about the other girls. There is always someone prettier than u. There is no such thing as the prettiest girl, there will always be someone better looking

    • Do you think it's good that he's starting to share his social media with me or no?

    • Of course... if he had a lot to hide, believe me, he would avoid all conversations pertaining to social media

    • Yeah he never brought up social media actually. He just followed me out of the blue today so I thought that was weird or maybe good.

  • If a guy really likes u, he will not take his time. Don't think this is going the way it should.
    pls don't compare with other girls in a guys life. they may not be available or the guy may not feel adequate to be with them.

    • I don't know him yet so I don't know if he would like me or not... we are supposed to meet but I don't know about that yet.
      should I stop texting him in whole? Why did he follow me on social media?

    • ur jumping the gun. decide if u wanna meet first. then think about the way forward after u like him.

What Girls Said 1

  • Chill, and stop stalking him, I think you are overthinking the whole thing. Be confident, be yourself. If this guy likes you sooner or later you will know. Do not back off, but don't be too pushy either.

    • I'm not stalking him he added me... so I looked.
      I just don't know how this is going tbh
      He added me but isn't talking to me as much today which is weird.

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