Guys, What is a man thinking when he goes quiet?

My new boyfriend is lovely. When we're together he is the greatest and tells me how much he enjoys spending time with me and loves me to bits.

When we're apart I hardly hear from him! He said he's rubbish at texting and that it doesn't mean he's not thinking of me.

The issue atm is that our families hate each other (an issue unrelated to us) and he seems totally under his sister's control. She manipulates him and uses him to fight her battles with her ex (one of my relatives).

The last time we spoke he said he does want to be with me but that he wants to deal with this situation with his sister and get his life back.

So my question is, do I believe what he says and give him the space to do this or is the fact that I'm hardly hearing from him a sign that I should just give up?


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  • He may be an introvert, someone who recharges his batteries being by themselves. In that case he may want to keep this to himself since it isn't dealing with you. And a brother defending his sister isn't a bad thing. Dont assume about what he does because it's his life and you dont controll it... He does. Let him be who he is. If you can't be with that type of person, end it before you're too attached.

  • The other day, I went quiet and my wife got concerned. She thought I was pissed off. I was thinking that if I had a radioactive dog, like Pigly from Archer, then I could walk him at night without a flashlight.

  • I usually become suddenly quiet when i sharted


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