How can I tell what he's really thinking?

My boyfriend (let's call him L) and I almost broke up because of our friends. So my friend said L's friends name sounds like a dog's name. L's friend shot back with a racist comment about my friend. I told L to stop bashing on my friend and my friend will stop bashing on you guys. We got into a big argument but this isn't why we almost broke up.
A while ago this girl, a former friend of L's, called me a slut to his face. L got mad because.. you know... I'm his girlfriend. Recently he said he's starting to become friends with her again? I thought that is rude so I asked him about it. In the heat of the argument, he said he didn't care that she called me a slut. I didn't like that and I was about to break up with him but that didn't happen.
Now he's just being distant and I don't know what to do... Does anyone know why he's distant or what he could possibly be thinking?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Ask him.

    • I tried... he tries to change the subject or plays dumb

    • If he won't be honest and upfront, move on. Find someone who will be. That's what you deserve.

What Girls Said 2

  • Look. Here's what you need to get to your head. You're 15 years old. You should be more concern about school work instead of some guy, regardless if he's your boyfriend. But if he has to go so far and disrespect you by even saying that he will be friends with a person who called you a slut, that should be an indicator to let him go. I don't know what are you doing sexually with him. But it shouldn't be happening. And that is a risk of doing so before marriage. No respect for you or yourself. Right now, you need to gain that respect by leaving this guy. No doubt he'll date her instead. However, you need to let this guy go. Stop arguing with him.

  • woman you already asked this. Break up with him.


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