What do you think is going on with him atm?

My boyfriend (let's call him L) and I almost broke up because of our friends. So my friend said L's friends name sounds like a dog's name. L's friend shot back with a racist comment about my friend. I told L to stop bashing on my friend and my friend will stop bashing on you guys. We got into a big argument but this isn't why we almost broke up.
A while ago this girl, a former friend of L's, called me a slut to his face. L got mad because.. you know... I'm his girlfriend. Recently he said he's starting to become friends with her again? I thought that is rude so I asked him about it. In the heat of the argument, he said he didn't care that she called me a slut. I didn't like that and I was about to break up with him but that didn't happen.
Now he's just being distant and I don't know what to do... Does anyone know why he's distant or what he could possibly be thinking?


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  • Leave L for Light. He's a boss.

    • 😂 oh boy... Death Note reference

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    • Good luck. I don't know why I got so worked up. lol Death Note gets me all emotional I guess.

    • 😂 no worries dude, Death Note gets most of us worked up

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  • I think your man is having relations with this chick friend of his!


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