My girlfriend is mad at me because I refuse to call her by her name?

My girlfriend name is Sandra and My sisters name is Sandra and so is my mothers

I honestly feel weird about calling her Sandra, I typically call her by her middle name. It's just weird, to use that name with my girlfriend. Like what if I'm having sex with my girlfriend and I'm supposed to moan the same name as my sister?

I'm sorry but i truly can't but it bothers my girlfriend.

How would you feel if your SO had the same name as your sibling or parents?


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  • I only rarely, very rarely call people by their names, so I can't really relate all that much. But I can see why it bothers you.
    Have you tried explaining that to her? Maybe ask her to imagine what she would feel like if she had to call her father's name during sex.

  • It shouldn't bother her. That's silly.

  • Maybe give her a nickname so you won't be reminded


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