I need your help with this girl! (please read)?

I got this girls number a week ago (she gave it to me when I said I wanted to hang out), and I texted her the same day. She didn't reply, so I just sent her a second text a few hours later basically saying it was nice speaking to her in person, and have a great semester. She replied early the next morning saying that she's not good at texting/replying but that she had a good time speaking with me also. She gave off very positive vibes in that message. I didn't really know how to respond well or go from there, so 3-4 days passed by the time I said alright that's enough, I just have to send her an honest message about how it's difficult for me to respond but I still want to hang out. I sent her 2 medium sized messages that genuinely conveyed the fact that I had trouble responding and that I still want to hang out. It's been a day now and she hasn't responded. We are both on vacation from school this week. Should I delete her number and move on? Should I text her again in a day or two if she doesn't respond? What should I do?


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  • She is not interested in you. If she was, she would keep more of an effort into responding to your messages

    • Okay. I deleted her number and message from my phone so I can't contact her anymore. The only way this is gonna go anywhere is if she messages me for some reason, but related to what you said - I'm just gonna assume that she's moved on at this point.

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  • I'd considered it a red flag. And she's lying about the bad texting part. It's not hard texting freaking words you'd say in real life. That goes for you too. Hang out with if or when you get the message and make sure you ask when to call or Skype cause it's bullshit how she don't want to connect with you early on but yet says she enjoyed talking to you.

    • I don't know because she gave me her number and when she texted back early in the morning it sounded very "welcoming" in response to my previous late night text where I basically said that I thought she wanted me out of the picture.

    • Your confused cause your looking for rays of hope. Nope, you gotta demand I indirectly what you want. If she takes her sweet time getting back to you then it's a red flag. It's call consistency. No human is busy 24/7 to where as they can't speak. I'd wait til I get her answer to hang out. When or if you do hang outs ask if you call her or when. Your doing your part in establishing communication. If she makes excuses or tell something can't call me this day and this day. Lose her number no matter how sweet she seem.

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