Girls when u want a break from your boyfriend what is the communication like?

I've been on a break with my girlfriend for a couple weeks and it's killing me all I wanna do is talk to her but she barley replys and I always have to initiate conversation


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  • I don't have breaks from a relationship. If I want some alone time I tell him and I go out for a couple of ours or go upstairs and watch TV on my own for a bit.

  • Well... I am in the same situation right now and I can say that she lost interest in you, but is afraid to breakup completely, because she still wants to keep you around. I think you deserve better.

    • well no I don't think that I cz the reason that we have to take a break is cz of her religion

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    • thank you I really do appreciate u so much

    • You're welcome!

  • Who tf goes on a break?

    • its cz of a certain situation

    • but I'm growing very impatient

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