1st with this guys who told me he is into me?

I had a first date with this guy I meet online. It was a fun first date it lasted 6 hours we ended up kissing in his car.. we basically hit it off. He asked me if I was interested on another date and I told him yes. The next day I texted him to thank him for a great night and that I was looking forwarded to hanging out. He agreed Towards the end of night I texted him he never responded. I texted him the day after that and no responses does that mean he is not interested? I left my heckles in his car should I just ask hi for the neckless and be done or he is interested but doing things on a slower pace. I see him log in on the dating site. I don't get if he is into me or not


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  • It probably means that he is not that into you or that he is also looking for other options. I think it's safe to text him for your object that you forgot in his car though


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