Are 18-19 year old girls "too young" for a 27 year old guy?

I often notice that girls working at stores stare at me, smile and get nervous. Would dating a girl like that be considered too much of an age gap? (My profile age says 29 but i just didn't input my real birthday)


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  • I wouldn't say to young but 18-19 are still growing and trying to mature. They still have a lot to learn in life and they are just barely out of high school trying to decide what they want to do with there life. Weather it be college or going into the military. As for a 27 year old would have a lot more experience compared to someone who is 18-19 years old and wouldn't have much in common or much to talk about either. A guy at 27 might be ready to settle down as a 18-19 still wants to have fun and travel etc. The both of you would be in two different directions.


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  • It's weird dude. I most likely wouldn't be able to connect with an 18 year old girl at my age. There are plenty of attractive 18 year olds that I would fuck if I was single but nothing more than that. I mean she is barely out of high school. Wtf is a 29 year old going to talk about with an 18 year old girl?


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