I'm in love with my best friend but he's not sure about us?

My best friend pursued me 3 years back when i had a boyfriend. I even had to cut off all contact with him because he did not respect my boundaries. After i broke up with my boyfriend we were in contact again and we practically talked everyday. I was studying in a different state that time. Then he suddenly went cold and later i found out he got into a relationship with a girl. He apologized and said he was sorry and that he was only with he cuz he couldn't be witj me. I told him to never call me again but after a month or two he would always get in contact with me somehow. We have mutual friends. One night we attended a party, got drunk and ended up sleeping together and he stayed over my place and we cuddled. He did call me after that but avoided talking about it. When i confronted him he said he's confused. After what happened with his previous relationship he has trust issues. So i told him to give me space and not to contact me. He was sad but said he respects my wishes. Then i met him again at a mutual friend s bday party. We talked. Felt good and he called him saying it was so good to see me. He even brought an architect over since i was planning on making a house. He met my parents and always called me to update about the architects progress. He says who knows we might end up together although right now he's still not ready for a relationship. he's 31 by the way. I don't understand why he would go through all this trouble if he didn't love me. I never asked for his help and i was never the one to initiate contact.


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  • I think you're only an option for him and if I were you, I wouldn't really trust his intentions.


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