Girls, Should I Pursue Her?

I am a 30-year-old graduate student currently attending Law School, earlier today I had to get something from my undergraduate faculty (political science department). As I was waiting, the political science department was playing a video of undergraduate students and professors giving their input about what politics means to them.

One girl appeared on the video and she blew my breath away, she was absolutely beautiful and her name appeared and I figured to learn more about her. I came across her Facebook and Instagram, she is heavily involved in political matters such as women's rights, she enjoys sports, she was part of the miss world beauty contest and she wants to go to law school one. Mind you the university she goes to is the university I went to as an undergrad student and the law school I go to is on the same campus.

You may be wondering what type of person I am, we seem to have the same likes in life especially when it comes to education (politics and law) however she is 9 years younger than I and I do not know if she is single. Should I message her on 1 of these social media platforms? Is the age a factor? Do you think it's worth it to pursue her? What should I say? I won't be devastated if she's taken but at the same time I don't want to look stupid, any advice?



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  • I think you should go for it no matter what. Who knows? She might be into you as well.


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